First Impressions: The new X-Play

by: Chuck -
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G4 unveiled a re-vamped X-Play tonight.  Instead of focusing on reviews, previews, and crappy sketch comedy the new format focuses on news, cheats, interviews, previews, and crappy sketch comedy.  After watching the first show I have to say that the new show is exactly what the doctor ordered.  The new format gives Adam and Morgan a little more room to express themselves and move away from the forced banter that marred the old show.  Outside of the news segment was a good interview with one of the developers of the new Jason Bourne game and a rather solid interview with Microsoft's Shane Kim.  There was even a decent Cheat segment that provided some strategies on how to beat the airplane mission in Call of Dut y4.

The show was a good first effort and it will be interesting to see if they can maintain this level of quality during the week.  Outside of a painful Office/Mass Effect sketch the show was very well put together and fairly tight.  Hopefully they can keep it up.

Did you get a chance to watch it?  If so leave your impressions in the comments.
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