First Impressions: Rock Band

by: Chuck -
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I was one of the idiots who stayed up until midnight for the Rock Band launch tonight.  There was a decent turnout at the Tuttle GameStop as about myself and twenty other gamers turned out to pick up their copies of the game early.  There were some people there for Mass Effect but that queue seemed pretty short in comparison to the Rock Band line.  I picked up my kit and raced home to unbox and set the game up.  Putting the drum kit together took about 10 minutes but part of that was me trying to figure out which height I wanted the drums at .  I only got the chance to play a few songs but I'm pretty impressed with the kit.  The drums are responsive enough and there's no real lag in the set.  I still need to teach myself the kick drum trick of resting my foot down most of the time but that will come with play.  I did play a few songs with the Guitar Hero III Les Paul guitar and it worked flawlessly.  I'm not sure if I'll ever use the included Fender guitar as the main guitar but it's a nice backup. 
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