First Impressions: NCAA Football 12 (Demo version)

by: Sean Cahill -
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NCAA Football 12's demo dropped today, much to the delight of football fans everywhere.  EA Sports has promised that this version will be the most revamped edition yet on the 360 and PS3 versions ever since the current generation of systems started.  I've made some notes from playing the demo and here are some things that I've noticed with the gameplay and preview videos.

- Gameplay hasn't changed too terribly much.  Visuals are certainly sharper, including the "3D Field" as EA has talked about.  Close-ups look good.

- Mechanics for running have changed a little bit.  Momentum seems a bit more realistic.

- I'm breaking a lot of tackles due to the new system for momentum tackling.  Oregon's running back broke a tackle five yards deep in the backfield, then proceeded to run 75 yards for a touchdown.  Not sure if that was a one time thing, but it could be very interesting if it isn't.

- Super-human defenders jumping twenty feet in the air seems to be a thing of the past.  Three demo games and I haven't seen one yet.

- Zone defense is much, much better.  I feel I can actually play a standard Cover Two Zone and not give up twenty yards on a check-down to the flats.

- Pass rush is not nearly has homicidal as last year's version.  Might actually have four seconds to throw the ball now.

- Play selection has changed.  The slow scrolling from last year has been eliminated and replaced by the old style selection screen.  I'm sure this was due to people complaining that you could see your opponent's play choice if you were in the same room as them.  I've never understood why developers automatically assume that everyone just plays on Xbox Live or the Playstation Network and that's it.

- Oregon has roughly 40 different combinations of jerseys to choose from.  I kid you not.  I went with the ugliest combination I could think of when using them:  Yellow helmet, white jersey, green pants, green and white shoes.  It looked like a frog was hit by a truck.

- Demo videos for Road to Glory look impressive.  You are able to play up to a ten game season your senior year and even edit the teams that you play against to add to the realism.  Hello, Heart of the North conference from my "glory days" as a benchwarmer in high school!

- Dynasty changes look fantastic.  Cannot wait to see the coaching carousel and edit some conferences.  Should add a great bit of customization.

- Custom Playbooks:  Not much new information on it, but from what you see in the video makes you froth at the mouth for it.

- Chief Osceola driving the spear into midfield is pretty sweet.  I cannot wait to see the other new editions.
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