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Some gamers may claim to have found their soul mate in an MMO, but Asda Story is banking on it.  Join and you can sign up for the closed beta taking place from Oct. 12th - 21st, and you can then prepare to meet up with your anime life partner in Asda Story's unique "Soul Mate System."  "Soul Mate" can be made between two players, and from there you two (you crazy kids, you) get your own unique, customizable costumes.  You can also share characters, share experience, and legally "twink" your lower-level Soul Mate with the aid of a "Soul Mate Apple."  Forty percent of registered players -- in Korea and Japan -- are female, so that removes a  big chunk of the awkwardness there.  But I don't see any ruling that requires Soul Mates to be strictly male-female pairings.  (Watch out for spotty localization, though.  It actually says in the write-up, "Lots of female users can have some great tastes of this comfortable game easily."  I don't know what that means, but it sounds "tasty.")

Anime MMORPG “Asda Story” Gears Up For the Closed Beta At


(October 4, 2007 - Seoul, Korea) Looking for game mates? Then find the right soul mate in Asda Story. Anime 3D MMORPG “Asda Story” opens its website ( by announcing its closed beta test on 12th October.


Based on a colorful, bright, and cheerful world, Asda Story features its “Soul Mate System”, the unique party system. “Soul Mate” can be made between two players, and when they decide to get together as “Soul Mates”, the couple is then able to wear their own unique costumes, and use unique skills. Furthermore, between “Soul Mates” one player can use the other player’s character during that player’s absence and all of the achievement during that substitutive game play will be saved in a “soul stone”. The owner of the character can open the soul stone, and all the achievement acquired will be restored to the character’s inventory or ability points. In addition, items like the “soul mate apple” help low level mates to get assistant from their partner.


Another unique feature of this game is the “Real Costume System”. This is the system that made Korean and Japanese female players heavily addicted to Asda online.  Of the total registered users, 40% are female in the Korean and the Japanese service. With this system, players can personalize the design of their items and make their character’s look stand out.


The closed beta test of Asda story online will be from 12th to the 21st October, and any players who join can participate in the test.  

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