Find out what's in the Battlefield 4 beta

by: Chuck -
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If you pre-ordered Battlefield 4 (or purchased one of the special editions of Medal of Honor: Warfighter) you will get a chance to check out the beta of the game starting next week.  Want to know what's in the beta?  Well then watch the video below where executive producer Patrick Bach talks about what you'll find in the beta as well as how they will be incorporating feedback before the game ships.

The long and short of it is that you're going to be playing Siege of Shanghai, the level that was featured at E3 this year.  I liked what I saw back then and I'm looking forward to having more time to explore the level and checking out all of the new features of the game.  Until then here's the video with all of the key details you'll need going into next week.  Stick tap to Polygon for the link.