Final character revealed for Ultra Street Fighter IV

by: Russell -
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Tonight saw the conclusion of Final Round 17 and after the Top 16 for Super Street Fighter IV: AE 2012 battled it out, Capcom finally revealed the fifth and final new character for Ultra Street Fighter IV: Decapre.

Decapre is one of Bison's "dolls", a group of sixteen-year-old girls who were captured and brainwashed by the Shadaloo into being M. Bison's assassins and bodyguards.  Each doll's name aside from Cammy's represented a different month, with Decapre being derived from the Russian word for December.  She basically resembles Cammy with a black mask and, like Vega, uses claws to attack.  A lot of her moves were shown to be similar to Cammy's, and one of her ultras resembles Dahlsim's Yoga Catastrophe ultra.  However, Decapre is a charge character, meaning most of her special moves have to be charged similar E. Honda or Vega. 

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