Final Stronghold 3 Patch brings fan requested features and tweaks

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The final planned patch for Stronghold 3 is now available on steam and with it brings a plethora of features that have been requested by the fans. Patch 1.10 brings fan requested features and game tweaks like terrain height modifiers, increased resource production and faster units. 

To celebrate the release of the patch, Firefly Studios has released some new screenshots. The new screen shots show off some of the features added to the game since its release including the new Coronation game mode, upgradable keeps and the user created maps and units 

A full list of the bug fixes and tweaks can be found in the patch notes here. and check out the press release below for all the info.

New Screenshots Released for Latest Stronghold 3 Patch

London, UK – 11 May, 2012 – The latest patch for Stronghold 3 is now available to download on Steam and to mark the occasion Firefly Studios has released four new screenshots. The new images show off some of features added to Stronghold 3 since release, including the new Coronation game mode, upgradable keeps, user-created maps and new units like the mighty Siege Tower.

Patch 1.10 is the tenth and final planned patch for Stronghold 3. It implements a number of fan-requested features and tweaks to the game including terrain height modifiers, faster units and increased resource production. Also added is the ability to set up automatic trading of goods, with controls and settings per goods type.

A full list of features, tweaks and bug fixes can be found in the patch notes at

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