Final Fight: Double Impact website gets updated

by: Jeremy -
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Capcom is getting ready to release a double dose of classic gaming goodness next week in the form of Final Fight: Double Impact. The game, which will be released on both the Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Network, will bring together two of Capcom’s best arcade games ever, in one nice little package. Any gamer that spent any amount of time in an arcade in the early 1990‘s will more than likely have fond memories of both the original Final Fight and Magic Sword games.

The official website for the game has been updated to prepare for the release with a whole slew of new content. On the site, you can find new screenshots, all new desktop wallpaper files, and the history behind both games. The full details on the release(s) is listed as well, stating that it will be available on April 14 for Xbox users and April 15 for PSN players. Final Fight: Double Impact will only set you back $10 (or platform currency equivalent), so what are you waiting for?

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