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Final Fantasy XI/XIV aka "those MMOs" get a bonus tie-in

by: Nathan -
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Square Enix has announced a bonus for Final Fantasy XI subscribers who keep their account and sign up for a Final Fantasy XIV account. The three bonuses are: a $5 discount for a players Final Fantasy XI subscription, a bonus pair of shoes for each new Final Fantasy XIV character, and the ability for players to transfer their character's name from eleven to fourteen. Of course there's a whole bunch of fine print to go along with this deal including: this is for Window based PCs only, the discount for eleven only applies if you use a credit card for the subscription, and all bonuses will be canceled if the fourteen subscription is canceled during the trial period.

I still can't figure out if this is a way to convince FF XI players to convert to the new game, or to encourage them to have a subscription in both games. I guess, like the bonuses, it's a little bit of both. Read more to get the nitty and decide if this deal is for you or visit the Sqaure Enix support page to find out how to take advantage of it.
As the upcoming September 30th, 2010 launch of FINAL FANTASY XIV for Windows® PC nears, Square Enix has exciting news for current players of FINAL FANTASY XI. In appreciation of the years of adventuring that fans of the series have enjoyed, Square Enix is pleased to offer several bonuses for those that wish to experience both online adventures.
Bonus 1:
Save $5.95 on the base FINAL FANTASY XI Monthly Subscription
·          The FINAL FANTASY XI monthly service fee will be discounted from $12.95 USD to $7.00 USD per month on FINAL FANTASY XI accounts linked to the same Square Enix Account as FINAL FANTASY XIV.
o         Applies only to FINAL FANTASY XI subscriptions that are paid for by credit card
o         The discount will  not be applied when the FINAL FANTASY XIV subscription is in its free period, as determined on the 25th of each month
o         Does not apply to FINAL FANTASY XI accounts during their free trial period
o         Only applies to one FINAL FANTASY XI account for each FINAL FANTASY XIV service account
o         Only applies to the base monthly subscription and does not affect add-on content
o         This offer will remain in effect until January 2011
·          For example, if a Square Enix Account has two FINAL FANTASY XIV service accounts and three FINAL FANTASY XI accounts, then the discount would only apply to two of the three FINAL FANTASY XI accounts. 
Bonus 2:
A Special FINAL FANTASY XIV In-Game Item
FINAL FANTASY XIV players with an active FINAL FANTASY XI account will begin their adventure with a special in-game item: Hermes’ Shoes. “Named after an elder god, all but forgotten in the modern age, these gold-tipped shoes have been crafted with the lightest of leathers, making them optimal for use by heralds and noterunners.”
Hermes_Shoes01                                                                    presentHermesShoes
·          For qualifying players, all playable characters created on the FINAL FANTASY XIV service account will start the game with the bonus item automatically in their inventory.
·          In order to qualify for the bonus item:
o         An active FINAL FANTASY XI account must be linked before the FINAL FANTASY XIV playable character is created
o         At the time the FINAL FANTASY XIV character is created, the FINAL FANTASY XI content ID registered to the linked FINAL FANTASY XI account must not be invalid or cancelled
o         The linked FINAL FANTASY XI account must not be within the free trial period
Bonus 3:
Transfer Your FINAL FANTASY XI Character Name into FINAL FANTASY XIV
·          When creating a new playable character on a FINAL FANTASY XIV service account, a character name used from the linked FINAL FANTASY XI account can be transferred to FINAL FANTASY XIV. 
o         Transfer of a FINAL FANTASY XI playable character name will not be applicable in the following instances:
§          If the FINAL FANTASY XIV playable character is created before an active FINAL FANTASY XI account is linked
§          If, at the time that the FINAL FANTASY XIV character is created, the Content ID on the linked FINAL FANTASY XI is invalid or has been cancelled
§          If the linked FINAL FANTASY XI account is within the free trial period
§          If no FINAL FANTASY XI character exists on the linked FINAL FANTASY XI account
·          Please note that in some instances, it may take upwards of 24 hours for the FINAL FANTASY XI character name to be selectable in FINAL FANTASY XIV.
·          When prompted, upon selecting the FINAL FANTASY XI character name as the FINAL FANTASY XIV playable character name, the transferred name will be the FINAL FANTASY XI player character name + FINAL FANTASY XI world name the character resides on.
·          Example:
o         FINAL FANTASY XI Player Character Name: Destiny
o         FINAL FANTASY XI World Name: Odin
o         The resulting FINAL FANTASY XIV character name: Destiny Odin
The bonuses announced in this release only apply to the Windows version. Bonuses for the PlayStation 3 version will be announced at a later time.
 Please note that bonuses are not valid if the FINAL FANTASY XIV service account is cancelled during the free 30-day trial period.
For more information on how to use a Square Enix Account and how to link a FINAL FANTASY XI account, please visit: http://support.na.square-enix.com/main.php?la=1&id=496
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