Fighters Uncaged revealed by Ubisoft

by: Jeremy -
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Ubisoft would like to have a word with anyone who says that there aren’t any games for the “hardcore” players using Micorosft’s Kinect. In an effort to show that Kinect can be used for the mainstream gamers as well, Ubisoft has unveiled Fighters Uncaged exclusively for the Xbox 360.

Fighters Uncaged is a fighting game that will allows gamers to perform 70 different attacks and strikes in real life in front of the Kinect peripheral, which will be translated and performed by the character(s) in the game. You will use these attacks to face off against a wide variety of opponents with numerous fighting styles in a wide variety of environments. Throughout your experience, you will gain bonuses which will allow you to upgrade your character and access new skills.

The debut / announcement trailer for the game is shown below; Fighters Uncaged will be available this November, just in time for the Holiday season.

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