Feenix officially announces Aria headset.

by: Sean Cahill -
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Feenix Collection officially announced the release and price point of the anticipated Aria Headset, which is to compliment their current collect of PC accessories.  The Aria isn't your everyday gaming headset as it is designed to be used not just in the gaming world, but as an every day, studio-grade unit.  What separates the Aria from from other gaming headsets is that no space was wasted on the internal components for microphones as the separate boom microphone is supposed to be on the desk in front of you or pinned to your jacket, allowing for the headset itself to do nothing but transmit sound.  Having tested these out at CES 2014, I can tell you that the sound quality is very impressive.  I look forward to getting an official review of these at a later date but, for now, here are some excerpts from the official website.

  • Independent studio grade cardioid clip microphone allows for impeccable uni-directional voice recording unmatched by traditional headset mic's. In addition it allows the Aria to be utilized as an everyday headphone rather than solely as a headset.
  • 50mm full range neodymium magnet drivers deliver studio monitor sound performance. Additionally, each individual driver is sound checked prior to assembly to ensure perfect quality.
  • The Aria's acoustic chamber is constructed entirely of Japanese Pine wood, providing an impeccablly warm and rich sound.
  • Handmade assembly, hand finished quality checks, extensive stress tests, beveled aluminum casing, single steel band, and on wood logo engraving... are all reasons the Aria is the epitome of masterful workmanship and beauty.

Official price point for the Aria is going to be $349.99 USD.

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