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Ever want to do more for Lucifer than just listen to Ozzy? Faxion Online gives you that chance without risking jail time for sacrificing a baby. In a game where the battle of good versus evil is fought between the forces of Heaven and Hell. a MMO with a territorial control spin on it, UTV True Games is announcing the class system that they're offering for the game. They have 6 classes, which are really just 3 classes with a representation for each faction. There's also the option of being multi-classed, which would be a nice change for me because people usually tell me I don't have any class at all.

Traditional Character Classes Can Go To Hell! Faxion Online Reveals
Its Lineup of Character Classes And Its Extensive Multi-Classing
System For Its Upcoming MMORPG

Austin, Texas -January 26, 2011 - UTV True Games, an international
publisher of multi-player online games revealed details today about
its unique character class and multi-classing systems for the highly
anticipated MMORPG, Faxion Online. Scheduled to go into closed beta
later this month, Faxion Online promises to take players through the
gates of heaven and hell as the divine struggle between good and evil
wages on. To learn more about this irreverent, PvP focused game,
players can visit www.FaxionOnline.com.

"Faxion's Class System is somewhat of a misnomer;" said Frank Lucero,
Studio Head at UTV True Games. "In reality, the classes are nothing
more than fundamental components that the players themselves can use
to create their own toolbox of hellish destruction or heavenly
onslaught. During character creation, players select a base class
which determines their initial set of skills and abilities and soon
afterwards they have the option to train into a second class's line of
abilities and, if they desire, a third."

So, what does this mean for the player? With the multi-class system,
players will find that they can create their ideal character,
experiencing Faxion their own way. If someone should want to play a
Druid-like character they can create a Guardian who undertakes
training from the Diviner and Crusader classes. If they want to be
that evil-aligned Cleric they've been running in their table-top
campaign for years they should start as a Zealot and then learn from
the Reavers how best to wield a weapon, turning their character into
an armored healer that fights alongside weapon toting derelicts of
hell. How about that Battlemage; duel-wielding blades and casting
meteor storms? All of the above and much more can be created through
Faxion's multi-class system.

"We are not here to choose for you, but to guide you along the way in
your afterlife," offered Lucero.
"Below we describe to you the basics. From there your path is your


Crusaders, the backbone of the armies of Heaven, stand at the
forefronts of the war - ready to defend the holy gates and all they
stand for. While reliant upon their weapons and armor, it is their
faith that makes them a force to behold, sustaining them during
lengthy skirmishes. No stranger to hand-to-hand combat, Crusaders are
strong fighters who rely on mobility and sheer brute force to bring
low malefactors. Glory shine upon these celestial warriors who
eternally push back Sin's shadow.


Heralds of peace, Guardians bolster their allies with miraculous
healing, protective sanctification, and unfaltering conviction. More
than simple medics, these agents of mercy lend their spiritual aid to
virtuous Crusaders and Diviners while humbling those who abdicate from
the light. Still, they mourn those who have lost the path and grant
what peace they can to the fallen. Guardians understand that patience
is key when guiding the ignorant, and are willing to repeatedly
rehabilitate those lured by Hell's deceit.


Diviners step onto the battlefield knowing that the wary eyes of the
accursed are upon them. Their mastery of the elements, righteous
fury, and enthusiasm for chastising the wicked justify these concerns.
Eons have been spent gathering divine truths, and Diviners use this
wisdom to unleash destructive forces from afar. Truly fearing no evil,
they hardly even bother to armor themselves. Instead they rely on
their skill to call upon divine winds, raining down holy retribution
to devastate entire hordes.


Reavers are the favored marauders of Hell - dark champions who worship
at the altar of battle. They believe the cries of their victims to be
the purest hymn and shedding blood the only true prayer. Wrapped in
armor and warped by infernal blessings, Reavers are often surrounded
by enemies, taking on multiple opponents with cleaving blows and
peerless defense. One day they will march on Heaven itself, and the
groan of Heaven's Gate breaking will briefly drown out the cries of
the newly damned.


Devotees of misery and Hell's foremost strategists, Zealot's are
notorious for their proficiency in matters of life and death.
Regularly found on the front lines alongside Reavers, they place
potent wards that offer protection to the forces of Hell or
destruction for any servants of Heaven that stumbles upon them.
Pragmatic in all things, Zealots are far more willing than their
comrades to consider a plan of action where murder isn't the first and
only step. After all, why would they want to limit their options for
spreading chaos, corruption, and madness throughout Limbo?


For Occultists, power alone simply isn't enough. But being seen
wielding power... controlling the ebb and flow of battle while
blighting the land in flashy demonstrations of supremacy - this is
what drives Occultists to study with such fevered intensity. Bending
the elements through sheer strength of will, these students of the
dark arts are careful to confront the forces of Heaven on their terms,
lest their lack of martial skill be the deciding factor. With a unique
blend of contempt and arrogance, they use their expertise to tear the
heart out of even the most formidable regiments.

Faxion Online is being developed internally at UTV True Games' Austin,
Texas studio by a group of industry veterans with significant
experience on titles such as Shadowbane, Ultima Online and many other
popular MMORPG's. Faxion Online players can expect to see a
ground-breaking, competitive action game that strips away the typical
experience and leveling grind observed in many MMORPG's today.

For more information and to register for the closed beta test, visit

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