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Johnathan "Fatal1ty" Wendel won the title of greatest videogame player in the world after he took on 32 other finalists.  Besides the title, he also scored $150,000 (which means he might be able to afford an Xbox 360 on E-bay).  The interesting thing about the release is that he actually had to fight his way up through the losers bracket instead of winning all the way through, I guess he's human after all.

Fatal1ty Crowned 2005 CPL World Tour Champion
Takes Home a Whopping $150,000

NEW YORK - Nov. 23, 2005 - Fan’s were enthralled last night as 24-year old Johnathan "Fatal1ty" Wendel walked off the stage $150,000 richer and carrying the title, greatest videogames player in the world, after besting all 32 finalists at the 2005 Cyberathlete Professional League’s (CPL) $1,000,000 World Tour Final.

The game was Painkiller, a PC game from the developer Dreamcatcher, a fast paced, first person shooter that requires precision and quick reflexes.  The audience of hundreds at this year’s event rapidly became familiar with the game as they watched every move on two jumbo screens hanging from the stage area and listened as two Shoutcasters gave play by play analysis.  It was a classic heavyweight boxing match, except that the setting was on the stage of Nokia’s famed theatre and not a single physical blow was given.  The final knockout came from a fingertip and a single click of a mouse.

Fatal1ty’s final challenger was Sander "VoO" Kaasjager, a 20-year old from Holland, and the number one ranked Painkiller player in the world coming into this event. VoO came into the final as the top seed, while Fata1ty entered after winning the loser’s bracket.  VoO only had to win two of three games, while Fata1ty was required to win at least four as he hobbled in from the loser’s bracket.

Four straight games and 60 minutes later Johnathan "Fatal1ty" Wendel was crowned this year’s World Champion.  VoO, still stunned by the merciless defeat, was handed a check for $100,000 as well as an additional $20,000 for being voted the CPL 2005 Most Valuable Player.

"This year’s final was the most exciting final to date; we could not have asked
for a more fitting match," said Angel Munoz, founder of the CPL.  "This is what
everyone wanted to see, the Number One gamer in the world against the Number One Painkiller player in the World.  It was the equivalent of having Mike Tyson take on Muhammad Ali and having Ali knock him out in the fourth round."

The final was televised live on MTV Network’s broadband channel, Overdrive.  A special 30 minute broadcast of the CPL event will be aired on Saturday on MTV. MTV news will also cover the event as is scheduled to appear on MTV’s popular TRL show.

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