Fashionably late, or annoyingly late? Gears 3 demo out now.

by: Nathaniel -
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I can't imagine that at this point in the history of the universe that there are still a significant number of people undecided about their feelings towards the Gears of War franchise.  Three best-selling and critically regarded titles in five years tend to inform the general gaming public of everything they need to know.  However, maybe you just woke up from an extended coma or you've been living in a cave since the Reagan administration and now you need to know if this newfangled Gears of War thingy is worth your time.  Well today, a full three months since Gears of War 3 was released, they finally got around to releasing the demo which is being referred to as "Shipwreck" because it takes place during that particularly styled mission.  And if any mission gives Gears of War 3 virgins a taste of everything the game has to offer, it's that one for sure.  You can download it right now.
[source: Major Nelson]
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