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Famitsu's leaked review of Final Fantasy XIII and differences between 360 and PS3 version

by: John -
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Famitsu has already gotten their hands on the highly anticipated Final Fantasy XIII and gave it the run through. You can see the leaked scan of the magazine here as the reviewers gave it a 39 out of 40. I know a lot of RPG fans area really waiting on this one and it'll be good to see it both on the PS3 and Xbox 360.

Speaking of the two, the only differences discussed so far have been on the audio and medium side. For starters, the audio and video is compressed on the 360 version while the PS3 version's is uncompressed. It's probably lost on my bad ears for the audio but I'm guessing the video might be a little bit better on bigger TVs. The game will ship on one Blu-ray disc on the PS3 while the 360 will need multiple discs. No word on if you can do an install of the game to save from disc swapping.