Famitsu pulls back the curtain on Anarchy Reigns

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All that we have learned about Anarchy Reigns thus far has been from glimpses of gameplay and character profile trailers; thanks to the latest issue of Famitsu, specific details regarding the game’s story and details have been revealed.

The game is set far in the future on a world amidst major chaos. Nearly every nation is at war and terrorism is at an all-time high. The decay of the world as a whole has lead to new diseases and viruses that have altered mankind in means never imagined. In one particular ruined city, known as Altanbra, an exploratory led by Jack Cayman of Madworld fame begins which has the player partaking in missions and exploration. The city will change in real time as you progress through the game as a result of events such as battles and natural disasters, forever altering the landscape and environment(s). Jack will face off against rivals that he meets throughout the various missions including the characters previously shown in the reveal trailers: Big Bull, Sasha, and Zero..

In the campaign mode, you will only have access to Jack as a playable character but the others will be accessible within the game’s multiplayer modes. These aren’t the only characters included though, more are on the way and will be revealed between now and the game’s launch. Sega and Platinum Games plans on releasing Anarchy Reigns this fall in both Japan and North America.

Source: Andriasang 
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