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Gamers excited by an MMO set in the Fall Out universe can already experience the post-apocalyptic setting and gameplay of MMOFPS Fallen Earth, and now with improved graphical performance. Fallen Earth has undergone some recent graphical upgrades with enhanced lighting and shading. If your PC rig has a card that can handle Shader 3.0 and the "Advanced Post FX" setting you can already enjoy the crisper look of the terrain, shrubs, clouds, and fog that permeates Fallen Earth. The screen shots below show off the extent of the graphical overhaul. Whether this improvement in graphics is a welcome or just polish on a turd is for you to decide.


New enhancements improve lighting and shadow effects

Cary, NC – January 13, 2010 – Fallen Earth, LLC today released part two of their recent environmental graphics improvements, enhancing lighting and shadow effects throughout their self-titled massively multiplayer online game.

Stage two of the environmental graphic improvements not only enhances the appearance of existing shadows—including character shadow details—but smoothes out all visible shadows throughout Fallen Earth, creating a more prominent, crisp look.

“In the process of revamping some of our environmental graphics, our team decided to tackle some adjustments to make shadows more crisp and realistic,” said Project Manager, Colin Dwan.  “We have not only greatly improved the visual impact, but managed to boost performance at the same time.”

The new shadow optimizations, visible to all players with Shader 3.0 hardware and with the Advanced Post FX setting on, follow the recent improvements developers made to the terrain, shrubs, clouds and fog last week.


Formed in 2003, FALLEN EARTH, LLC is a special purpose entity born out of Icarus Studios dedicated to the production of the independently produced and published, massively multiplayer online game (MMO) unlike any other, Fallen Earth. Set in the Grand Canyon in 2156 and mixing first-person shooter-style action with role-playing game design, Fallen Earth allows players to explore a post-apocalyptic world through crafting, trading, and scavenging. Fallen Earth is co-developed with Icarus Studios using the patented technology xScape™ Platform and available exclusively for the PC.

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