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I don't do a whole lot of Facebook gaming--I've seen how my brothers sink time into Bejeweled and Farmville--but if you're into that sort of thing then you might want to check out the Platinum Life Web Edition open beta. It's a hip-hop game where you work your way up the ranks of the music genre, starting in dive bars and hopefully going platinum when all is said and done. Along the way you'll encounter big artists like Ludacris, DJ Skee and Shontelle. There's no official release date but developer Heatwave is probably aiming for a 2010 release.

Ludacris, Omarion and more to be involved in hip hop social gaming experience now live in open beta form on Facebook and the web

Austin, Texas – March 4, 2010 – Heatwave Interactive, a game development studio and online publisher creating innovative cross-media properties, announced today that the open beta of its social hip hop lifestyle game Platinum Life™: Web Edition™ is now live on the web and Facebook! Head on over to www.platinumlife.com now to get your rise to the top going!

A precursor to Platinum Life, its in-development online title for PC and console, Platinum Life: Web Edition gives players the chance to interact with the hip hop universe as they try to make the transition from unsigned musician to superstar celebrity. Work your way from playing shows at local dive bars to selling out world-renown venues while you climb the ladder to fame and stardom. Along the way you’ll encounter some of hip hop’s brightest stars who will help you break into the big time, including Ludacris, Omarion, DJ Holiday, DJ Skee, Shontelle and other artists from Universal Motown Republic Group with more artist announcements forthcoming. Details on each celebrity’s involvement in the game will be released at a later date.

“The caliber of hip hop celebrities we’ve attracted during the development of this project really reflects the level of quality Platinum Life: Web Edition will bring to social gamers,” said Anthony Castoro, CEO of Heatwave Interactive. “Our team is extremely proud to not only bring the first hip social game to the web, but also to show off our creative talent by sharing an online experience with gamers and music lovers alike that truly defines the hip hop universe and lifestyle.”

You can download Platinum Life: Web Edition assets by clicking here. For more information about Platinum Life: Web Edition, please visit www.platinumlife.com, or to play it for yourself, please visit http://apps.facebook.com/platinumlife/. For more information about Heatwave Interactive, please visit www.heatwave.com.
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