Fable III not dead yet

by: Jeremy -
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While it may not be in the headlines as much as it was back in the fall, Fable III is alive and going strong. Microsoft recently announced both a PC version of the game as well as new DLC and a mobile phone game.

The PC version of Fable III is scheduled to launch to retailers on May 17, 2011. Players will be able to find the game both in stores and digitally through Games for Windows- LIVE. Beginning today, a new Xbox 360 exclusive DLC pack is available on the Xbox Live Marketplace for 560 MS points entitled the Traitor’s Keep. On the mobile phone side of things, a new minigame is coming to the Windows Phone 7 platform called the Fable: Coin Golf. The exact price and release date for the mobile title has not been announced yet.

Source: GameInformer

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