Fable II Episode 1 is available and free

by: John -
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Free's always good and here's a nice 2GB sized free download of Episode 1 of Fable II. Now, you can't play with friends or whatnot unless you purchase the other episodes so this is sort of a way to get you into the game. If you don't like it, no harm done. If you want the rest, then pony up the cash to do so. You can do all your purchasing in the game so for those of us who didn't play the game and was teetering on whether to purchase it or not, this is a nice way to try it out.

I always wanted to get into Fable II especially with the co-op play involved but it was one of those games where the lack of time just made me pass over it. I'm going to try the first episode out to see how it is and I think Randy enjoyed it when he had a go around with it. It's too bad that none of my friends will probably get into it now should I decide to like it though.
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