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Lionhead studios announced today that the first installment of video diaries about Fable 2 will be hitting Xbox Live Marketplace and Lionhead.com. Featuring members of the Fable 2 team, including Peter Molyneux, the videos will walk gamers through the development of Fable 2 and answer many questions about the game. Check out the full release after the jump:
Microsoft Game Studios Set To Release Episode One of New Lionhead Video Diaries

Beginning on May 24, 2007, Episode One of the Lionhead video diaries will debut on the official Lionhead Studios Website and Xbox LIVEMarketplace, kicking off an ongoing series of video diaries with the Fable 2 team, including Peter Molyneux.
The episodes provide a look behind the scenes of the long-awaited sequel to the 2004 Xbox exclusive best-seller Fable.. Get a sneak peek inside the game, as well as get to know the people behind the action. Being a hero or heroine, fighting, questing and adventuring are central to Fable. With the upcoming release of Fable 2, gamers will be one step closer to fulfilling their dreams of being good or evil; getting married or remaining single; and finding out what it means to experience unconditional love in the world of Fable.
Each installment of the video diaries will walk gamers through the development process and will answer questions fans have been dying to know such as, What is the deal with the dog? How do you show unconditional love in a video game?, How does the new combat system work? and What is it really like to work at Lionhead?
Fable 2 is an inventive action RPG (role playing game) that will be a true sequel to the original, offering even more choices and building on the core gameplay theme of Fable where your every choice continually defines who you become, allowing you to truly live the life you choose. Set 500 years after the original, Fable 2 will provide gamers with an epic story and innovative real-time gameplay including a massive amount of freedom and choice.
Every choice continually defines the experience, allowing gamers to truly live the life they choose. So choose wisely and check out Episode One, with more to come!
To view Episode One visit: www.lionhead.com
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