Fable 2 details coming at GDC

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According to the official Game Developers Conference (GDC) site, Lionhead Studios studio Head Peter Molyneux will be revealing three key details of Fable 2 to the attendees at the GDC next month in San Francisco. Fable 2 is probably one of the most anticipated exclusive Xbox 360 titles in 2008 in what is currently a lean lineup. Here is the details from the session info:

Session Description
Peter Molyneux's stated ambition as a designer is to make FABLE 2 a landmark game. In order to achieve this three big design features have been added. The inspiration and rational behind these features will be discussed along with their evolution throughout the development process. The wider context of their impact and influence on the RPG genre with also be examined as the ambition is also to evolve the genre itself. The talk will be supported by retrospective videos as well as live game examples.
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