FPS done right on the Vita? Killzone Mercenary set for September 17

by: Jeremy -
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Sooner or later, someone is going to do a proper first-person shooter on the PlayStation Vita. The next game taking a shot at it has been set: Killzone Mercenary has been announced for launch on September 17, 2013.

The new entry in the series, which is an original adventure, takes place shortly after the events of the original game. As mercenary Arran Danner, you are a former UCA-soldier who has become a soldier for hire for whoever has the cash, ISA or Helghast. On what seems like a routine mission protecting the Vektan Ambassador and his family, Danner finds things going awry and begins questioning whether this gig is really worth the paycheck.

The mercenary theme is present throughout the entire experience, both in single- and multiplayer. The better you perform, the more you will be paid, with all funds going into your personal, in-game bank account to spend on gear and weapons for both modes. The game simply looks amazing at this point, but we are really going to have to see how it plays when it launches this coming Fall. You can see exactly what I am talking about in terms of how it looks in the new trailer below:

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