FIFA 13 showcases new away ki.......IT'S A GOAL FOR THE GUNNERS!!!!!!

by: Nathaniel -
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It's almost football season again.  No, not that football.  That football has been ruined by a megalomaniacal commissioner, poor officiating, and the seven-yard pass.  The football I'm talking about is what we call soccer here in the United States, but in my new post-NFL existence, there is only one football - the one rightly called "the beautiful game."

Anyway, childish digs at American football aside, I have only recently become an active fan of European club soccer, and consequently have spent more time with FIFA 12 than any Madden game since the Sega Genesis era.  But with the impending start of the Euro club season, so is it time for the new iteration of EA's FIFA franchise.  

I've written before about the changes FIFA 13 seeks to implement before, but not this time.  This video is simply showcasing London powerhouse Arsenal, and their new away kits that have been faithfully recreated in FIFA 13.  

The one thing I take away from this trailer is how creeped out I still am by John Terry's plastic zombie face that looks simultaneously perfect and oh-so-upsettingly wrong.

FIFA 13 hits store shelves this September.

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