FIFA 13 WiiU teaser

by: Nathaniel -
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Fifa Soccer 13 for the WiiU will hit the shelves alongside its new console home complete with what I'd imagine are marginally better graphics and new gameplay features thanks to the WiiU's more modern hardware and signature tablet controller.  

However, trying to suss out exactly what those new features are by watching today's teaser trailer is basically impossible.  Sure it looks like you can change formations on the fly and use targeting cross hairs to aim free kicks but there's also a lot going on that isn't clear.  Can you use the accelerometer on the tablet controller to bend shots and passes?  Maybe.  Then there's just a bunch of stuff that just leaves me clueless.  

Finally, why do they spend like 10 seconds of a 49 second video showing Lionel Messi score a goal then pump his fist to celebrate?  Is that somehow a WiiU-specific feature?

Anyway, I don't mean to sound negative.  Fifa 13 is a lot of fun and I'm sure the WiiU version will be at least as fun, I just think this teaser is unnecessarily jumbled and unfocused. 

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