Explore Free Roam with friends in Red Dead Redemption

by: Chad -
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Here's an interesting piece of news about Rockstar's upcoming Red Dead Redemption.  One of the multiplayer modes available in the game will be "Free Roam."  It's exactly like it sounds, too.  Players will be able to explore and cause chaos in the entire, open world of Red Dead Redemption.  Up to 16 players can be in the same open world. 

Organized games and challenges await players that try it out.  Experience points can be earned to unlock new weapons, mounts, characters and challenges.  We'll get more details about other multiplayer modes in Red Dead Redemption in the next few weeks.  For right now, let's watch another trailer that explains the beauty of this mode.  It looks like nothing I've ever experienced in a multiplayer mode.  What do you think?

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Rockstar Games is proud to reveal Free Roam, the first piece of Red Dead Redemption’s groundbreaking multiplayer mode. Unlike any other multiplayer experience, Free Roam presents players with the entire, massive open world of Red Dead Redemption, right at their fingertips. Choose to explore the wild western wilderness solo, or join up with friends and wreck havoc as part of a posse. Eight people can be in one posse, while up to 16 players can explore the same, vast open-world lobby.

Danger lurks around every corner of this chaotic open world in the form of gangs, pesky lawmen, wild animals, and even other posses. Organized games and challenges are also available in addition to the wide-open wilderness. Level up characters with experience points to unlock new weapons, mounts, characters, and challenges.

Free Roam represents only one aspect of the multifaceted and innovative Red Dead Redemption multiplayer experience. Stay tuned for more on multiplayer in the coming weeks.