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Beckett Massive Online Gamer magazine is giving EverQuest II fans some exclusive content. The magazine will give players the chance to access a secret item. No word on what the item is, but you will be able to find out on November 28th when the magazine hits stores. Click here for more on the Beckett magazine or read onward for more details.
Exclusive EQ2 Offer in Beckett Massive Online Gamer

Limited Edition In-Game Item Only Available Though Magazine

Dallas, TX - November 12, 2007 - Fans of the new EverQuest II (EQII) expansion, Rise of Kunark, have something else to be excited about as Sony Online Entertainment and Beckett's Massive Online Gamer (MOG) magazine are offering a once in a lifetime opportunity to EQII players and MOG readers. A secret access code has been added to the latest issue of Massive Online Gamer magazine available on newsstands the week of November 28th that will provide all readers with a limited edition portrait of the infamous warlord Venril Sathir. For fans who cannot wait for the magazine to hit the newsstand, the first 1000 people to subscribe to Massive Online Gamer will receive a unique code via email that can be redeemed for the in-game item.

"We have set up a subscription service that will allow new subscribers to get the code almost instantaneously. EQII players can either wait for the magazine to hit the newsstands or get the code now. When you subscribe, you'll get the code as well as a great discount on our annual subscription," said Doug Kale, editor of Massive Online Gamer.

Fans of EQII will want to nab this exclusive Venril Sathir in-game item as quickly as possible since it is a limited edition item. This marks the first time that Sony Online Entertainment, the makers of EQII, has offered an item of this level through a magazine.

"We are excited that Sony has partnered with Massive Online Gamer. Our readers are interested in every angle of the massive online community, so rewarding both existing as well as new readers is a tremendous opportunity for everyone," added Kale.

To subscribe, click here http://www.beckett.com/subscriptions/subs.asp?promotion=294 and for more information about Massive Online Gamer, click here http://www.beckett.com/beckettmog/default.osi.

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