Excavation on rumored E.T. Video Game landfill begins today

by: Sam -
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If you are familiar with the history of the Atari 2600 you have likely heard the rumor about the landfill in New Mexico where millions unsold of copies of E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial were buried. The game was such a massive failure it is often blamed for the Atari's eventual failure. Still, nobody has ever taken the time to figure out whether the games were really buried or not, until today. Xbox Entertainment Studios and Fuel Entertainment will be digging up the landfill today as part of their upcoming documentary on the subject, which will be coming exclusively to Xbox 360 and Xbox One. No doubt the filmmakers have their fingers crossed that the cartridges really were buried there, but either way we will finally be learning the truth today.

This is a rumor I heard a long time ago, but never really spent much time thinking about whether or not is could be true. I must admit I hope it is true as well because I would hate to see one of gaming's most famous tales be mythbusted.

Source: ign.com

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