Excalibur Class Ship announced for Star Trek Online

by: Scott -
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Head over to http://www.startrekonline.com/ships/excalibur to see screenshots and info about the ship.

Well, the Excalibur class of starship has been announced for Star Trek Online, which has me interested. I was first introduced to the Excalibur in the Bridge Commander mod, Kobayashi Maru (If there's one good thing that came out of the new Trek movie, it's teaching new fans some terminology). Personally, I like the new design of the ship; it looks a lot sleeker and more streamlined than the original design, which always struck me as somewhat bulky (bascially the reverse of what happened to the Constitution class in the newest movie). So far, I've been satisfied with how the ships in Trek Online have been designed, and as long as they keep WoW-esque combat out of it, I might be interested in getting it.
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