Evolution Studios talks MotorStorm Apocaclypse

by: Jeremy -
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Matt Southern, the Game Director of Evolution Studios, posted an article on the Official PlayStation Blog this week and revealed quite a few new details on the upcoming MotorStorm Apocalypse. Among the details given on the game were the inclusion of an all new photo mode and a playable demo that could be coming to the PlayStation Network.

As for the new photo mode, Evolution has crafted what they call a “sophisticated” photo mode for the game which allows players to pause the action and take screen captures at extremely high resolutions. Most of the recent screenshots released for the game were taken using the photo tools included in the game. As far as a demo goes, Matt notes that one is being planned to launch in 2011. Seeing as how the game is being ballparked for an April release, we could be seeing that demo in just a few short months.

MotorStorm Apocalypse will also feature full stereoscopic 3D support, exclusive content for preorders and PlayStation Plus subscribers, new taunts and gestures, and full post-launch support / DLC which they are hoping to offer for free to consumers. Southern also noted that there will be a lot of information coming out about the game in the next few weeks, including detailed postings and developer diaries on the Official PlayStation Blog. You can check out a new video of the recently revealed Skyline track for the game below and shows off one of the new vehicles, the Superbike. The game still has a bit of development to go but it is already looking amazing.  

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