Every Crackdown orb mapped out

by: Chuck -
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If you're like me and addicted to Crackdown then you'll want to check out this map shows agility and hidden orb in Pacific City.   Surely something that will with all those late night Agility orb runs.

I've also found a cheap way to up your explosives skills. On the Volk level you can head to the area that leads to the main bad guy.  On the first barge on the way back to the rig where he's located there is a door on the lower left hand side that respawns bad guys for a while.  Once you've cleared the barge of all the bad guys.you can sit a bit back from the door and wait for the guys to respawn and then either hit them with a grenade or rocket launcher.  I've found that I could up my explosives skill by at least seven points each time out to the barge.  Sure it's cheap but if you're lazy this is an easy way to boost your score.

Thanks to EvilAvatar for the link.
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