Even more new game modes and features coming to Dead Or Alive 5 Ultimate

by: Nathan -
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Dead Or Alive 5: Ultimate is right around the corner, and today, Team NINJA has announced that there is more new content in the upcoming re-release. 

Dead Or Alive 5: Ultimate will include an online 2 vs. 2 tag team mode. The mode will also include ranked tag matches where your rank will be separate from the solo online game. You will also earn Grade Points (GP) for both team members which counts towards unlockable costumes. 

Also new is the "Prize Fighter" ranking. By winning consecutive matches, you can earn one of four different ranks including Bronze Fighter, Silver Fighter, Gold Fighter and Platinum Fighter. Prize Fighters will earn extra Grade Points for wins and you will also earn extra Grade Points by defeating other Prize Fighters. Fighters can also earn up to a Grade U now which has been increased from the S+. 

"Character Points" (CP) has also been included in the competitive arena which displays the players skill level with each character. Now you can scout your opponents to see if they are using their best character or someone they aren't that familiar with.

Finally, Dead Or Alive 5: Ultimate will pack in a whopping 231 costumes, up from the 114 from the original game. Players need to play all the game modes to be able to unlock them all.

Dead Or Alive 5: Ultimate releases on September 3rd.

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