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Even more about the upcoming Champions Online: Revelation expansion

by: Chad -
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Atari and Cryptic are excited about the upcoming Champions Online: Revelation.  They've been dropping information and assets like they're going out of style.  In addition to a few more screens, we've got a healthy listing and brief explanation of some of the event drops, items, rewards and perks that will be added.  Read about those after the jump.

This list is just a sample of some of the many Event Drops, PVP items and special event rewards that will be available with the Revelation expansion!
  • Unobtainum Chestpiece. A protective chest plate, lined with unobtanium.
  • Tenebrous Weave. Deep shadows woven into a fabric. Sinister and very, very fashionable. (Costume piece.)
  • Wings of the Nephilim. Therakiel's essence can grant you the same power he gave to his servants. (Costume unlock.)
  • Voodoo Amplifier. Increases Voodoo juju. The dial is stuck at 11. (Costume unlock.)
  • Spark of Immortality. It's not clear whether this is enough to grant true immortality, but it does cure the common cold. (Costume unlock.)
  • Action Figure #47: Mad Science. Defend Juryrig's time machine to earn this action figure.
  • Mom's Combat Boots. Mom's is the most trusted name in defensive combat gear.
  • Vampire Head. Boasting old world craftsmanship.
  • Action Figure #22: Jade Warrior. Defend Juryrig's time machine to earn this action figure.
  • Action Figure #20: Bombardier. Defend Juryrig's time machine to earn this action figure.

The Revelation expansion is chock-full of all sorts of new Perks. Here's just a few you can earn for your champion:
  • Apocalypse Avenger: Defeat Therakiel in his lair.
  • Doomsday Clock: Defeat Therakiel's Temple and its bosses on Hard Mode.
  • Bittersweet: Defeat Guy Sweetland.
  • Mojo Rising: Defeat 50 Sovereign Sons.
  • Gleipnir: Defeat 50 Dogz.
Champions Online™ REVELATION Overview

Vibora Bay was never destined to be like other cities. Some will say it’s the music that sets her apart, some will say it’s the food, or the culture, or the religion steeped in voodoo tradition. The more discerning will say it’s the magic so thick it fills the air. But they’d only be partly right.

Revelation takes us far below Vibora Bay, the sultry southern city, where an ancient magic lies. An angel (Therakiel), exiled from heaven and hell for his refusal to take sides during Lucifer’s first rebellion, has been hiding deep below the city. It is his primeval magic that permeates all of Vibora Bay and has drawn powerful witches, wizards, and sorcerers to the city for centuries. The ultimate resolution of this epic conflict hinges on one man, Robert Caliburn, and whoever controls Caliburn will control the war and triumph.

Revelation is a free expansion pack available to all players in mid-March. Venture into Vibora Bay, the mysterious city on the bayou, and discover all new threats lurking around every corner! Here's what you can expect from Revelation:
  • Brand New Level 37 to 40 Content: Experience the endgame in all new ways, as friends become enemies and the picturesque Vibora Bay falls sway to the half-angel, half-demon Therakiel.
  • Six Bew Meta-Powers: Earn brand new Tier 4 powers.
  • Therakiel's Temple: Group with friends to conquer the most challenging Champions Online Lair yet!
  • New Enemy Groups: Battle a variety of new enemies – including five all new factions- the Sovereign Sons, Trey Kings, New Shadows, Dogz and Nephilim!
  • Over 30 New Perks: Dozens of new ways to achieve in Champions Online.
  • New Costume Pieces: Entirely new costume sets available.