Even more Star Wars can't make PS Home awesome (but it doesn't hurt)

by: Ben Berry -
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I do not have a PS3. Aside from Blu-Ray, I've no need for the console as there isn't a game I want that isn't on PC, 360, or Wii. But I have read enough to know that if I had a PS3, I wouldn't waste much of my time on Playstation Home, because it mostly sucks. Actually the response has been mostly "meh" as opposed to outright sucks, but I couldn't resist the idea of being one of those people who lashes out at something they don't own simply because I can.

Anyways, now to commemorate the 30th anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back, they have added some more Star Wars: A New Hope content. Yeah, you read that right. Celebrating ESB by adding the cantina from SW: ANH. Instead of A New Hope, I'm guessing most PS3 users want A New (Playstation) Home.

At least it's more Star Wars content. Because more Star Wars is always better... unless it contains Jar-Jar.
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