Europe gets an extra month to decide if they want an iPad or not

by: Chuck -
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Folks in Europe are going to have to wait an extra month before they can get their grubby hands on an iPad as Apple has delayed the release of the device a month so they can catch up with demand.  The company isn't expecting to release the device until the end of May but will begin taking pre-orders on May 10th.

Honestly this is probably the best thing for folks as it gives developers time to create some more games for the device which should help people justify their purchase a bit more.  I'm actually starting to use mine a bit more as I've started to incorporate it into my life a bit more.  Despite a few flaws, Geometry Wars Touch is a bit of fun and I'm starting to wade into the iPad version of Civilization:Revolution as well.   I just wish I could find a decent feed reader application that syncs with Google Reader.
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