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by: Sean Colleli -
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We may have to wait until Q4 for Conduit 2, but High Voltage Software still has an exclusive for Wii owners this summer. Here's a trailer for HVS and Sega's new fighting game Tournament of Legends. I remember when the game was called Gladiator AD and looked a lot bloodier and...well, not as interesting as it looks now. HVS has kept the classical mythology theme but made the game a lot more colorful and fantasy based, kind of like a Greco-Roman Soulcalibur. Well, the voice acting is kind of hokey like Soulcalibur. I think Tatsunoko vs. Capcom is great but it's nice to see a developer try a more 3D approach to fighting games on the Wii. Tournament of Legends is slated for a July release and will be budget priced at $30.



The Wii exclusive weapon and magic based 3D-fight game Tournament of Legends features epic battles in fantastic fighting arenas where they will wield mythical blade weapons, launch 40 magic attacks, and dodge giant mythological creatures that protect the battle lairs. In intense one and two-player fights, players master a range of character and weapon based magic attacks; including unleashing, amongst others, a man-eating lion, Jupiter’s Storm, Thor’s Fury and a nest of venomous snakes.

The new trailer shows off the cinematic effects and graphics fueled by the High Voltage Software Quantum 3 engine, designed and optimized for Wii. Large, 3D mythological fighters move fluidly. Fighting arenas, characters, and magical attacks are polished by advanced real-time lighting, blended animation, cinematic color curves, and more.

Tournament of Legends  hits shelves on 6 July 2010 for $29.95

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