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Hudson's creepy Japanese horror title, Calling, is coming exclusively to the Wii in early march. They just released a ton of concept art for the game, so if you wanted an idea of how the game was planned take a look below. You don't usually see pre-production assets until after a game is released, so this is a nice look behind the scenes.

Start the new year right with creepy new concept art of Hudson Entertainment’s survival suspense game Calling. The game will launch in March on the Nintendo Wii. New details on the environment and characters of Calling, which players begin by visiting a mysterious "Black Page," are below:

The Black Page
Rumor has it that you will die if you visit the Black Page Website and see “something” in the site. Anyone can visit the site, but only a few can actually see things within the site. The site is literary all in black and just shows a counter. Some say the site is a hoax, a prank, or a marketing ploy. A few people say the site is a bridge to something sinister and the counter indicates the number of people who have died after seeing the site.

In-Between Space 

The spirits of the dead go to the space-between-space in Calling called the Mnemonic Abyss. This place is made up of the memory of dead characters and various locations in the space such as houses, schools and hospitals etc. Someone or something is drawing the living to this space for a reason that becomes apparently horrifying once the characters discover the truth.

Main Characters
Those who see something in the Black Page begin to stray somewhere between life and death. There are multiple characters who are present throughout the game. Calling revolves around these characters and their fight for survival. Experience four unique characters’ perspectives yourself in a gripping story of Japanese Survival Horror.

Rin Kagura

Years ago Rin had planned to meet a friend that she met in a chat room. On her way to meet her friend, Rin got into a car accident. After leaving the hospital, the friend vanished, and Rin has been searching for her ever since. She had heard rumors about “The Black Page” and thought that this website might give her some clues. She bravely entered the site despite the rumors she had heard...

Shin Suzantani

He loves collecting action figures and other goods related to anime. He learned about “The Black Page” from an article in his favorite occult magazine. His curiosity led him to the site.

Chiyo Kishibi

Chiyo’s grandson gave her a laptop after watching her struggle with the death of her husband five years ago. While exploring the Internet, Chiyo heard rumors about a website that let visitors “meet the dead,” bringing her to “The Black Page.”

Makoto Shirae

Makoto is an editor at a newspaper company. In investigating the mysterious death of his colleague, his inquiries led him to “The Black Page.”
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