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Enjoying your Vuzix eyewear just got simpler

by: Dan -
More On: VR Manager 3.0
Vuzix announced today that they have released VR Manager 3.0 as a free download on their website. The importance of this but of software is that it will allow the iWear VR920 virtual reality eyewear and the newly supported Wrap 920 to provide a better gaming experience. The updates are numerous, technical and I’m feeling a bit lazy, so here is the rundown from the release:

• An Improved Vuzix Gaming Experience:

o New and simplified graphical user interface.
o Combined Calibration and Extension Monitor programs for straightforward VR920 functionality.
o Includes tools to simplify hardware testing and troubleshooting.

• Increased 3D Capability:

o Offers over 120 Vuzix Extensions, adding stereoscopy and/or tracking support for the iWear VR920 and the new Wrap 920.
o Vuzix Extensions can now be developed and imported independent of the VR Manager updates. Previously, extensions could only be added with a new release of the VR920 Monitor application.
o Users will have access to the Vuzix VR SDK, a royalty free development kit that will enable software developers to incorporate stereoscopic video and head tracking support for the iWear VR920 and Wrap eyewear and tracker into their software projects.

• Easy Download Process:

o Free and effortless download on the Vuzix website.
o Its “Device Aware” software auto-configures options and settings depending on which model (the Wrap or iWear) is plugged in.

Also, check out our impressions of the Vuzix gear when we last talked with them at CES nor head over to the Vuzix website if you want to download the new software…