Endless Space announced with GAMES2GETHER initiative

by: Travis -
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Have you ever dreamed of participating in the development process for a new game? Well, now is your chance to join with Amplitude Studios and their GAMES2GETHER initiative in creating Endless Space for Windows PC and Mac. Through the GAMES2GETHER initiative, community members can vote on various game design choices and contribute to discussions concerning development. Endless Space is an upcoming 4X sci-fi strategy game that will include hundreds of star systems to explore, eight playable civilizations, massive armadas, ship customization, heroes with ability trees and specializations, online play with support for eight players, and endless replayability with randomized galaxies. As a fan of science fiction, space, and 4X strategy games, Endless Space has now moved to the top of my wish list.

The civilization and ship designs in the early concept are quite interesting and promising for the game's direction. The in-game screenshots and trailer feature some impressive visuals that leave me wanting further glimpses into the game's universe. Visit the Endless Space website for sign-up information regarding the GAMES2GETHER initiative.

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