End of an era: Seth Killian has left Capcom

by: Jeremy -
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It is truly a sad day for both Capcom and fighting game fans; Seth Killian has officially left Capcom. The long-running Community Manager and special advisor for fighting game projects recently announced that he was leaving the company to pursue other options. Friday was his last day at Capcom headquarters and today marks the first day of a future without him.

Both Killian and Yoshihiro Ono have been credited with leading the company’s recent resurgence in the fighting game genre. With Inafune and Killian officially gone, and Ono;s status in limbo thanks to recent health issues, many fans are worried about the immediate future of Capcom, myself included. Each of these individuals has placed heavy focus on bringing the company closer to its fans, and now it appears they are all gone or on their way out.

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