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Topware is bringing Enclave, the action adventure classic for the PC and Xbox, over to the Wii, under the subtitle Shadows of Twilight. The fantasy actioner will see numerous improvements over the original version, including the now standard motion controls and an updated save system. Players will also be able to jump into all 27 original levels, or the new ones added to the Wii port, right from the start. I have no problems with Wii ports if they're done well (Resident Evil 4 turned out amazing), so I'll be keeping an eye on this one as its summer release approaches.
Enclave Swings Its Way Onto the Wii

+++ TopWare secures worldwide IP rights for action/adventure classic and dates new WiiTM version "Shadows of Twilight" +++

Las Vegas, April 1st 2010 – TopWare Interactive announced today the acquisition of worldwide IP and trademark rights for the fantasy action/adventure franchise Enclave. First up for the series is adaptation of the 2003 PC & XboxTM release for the Nintendo WiiTM console. The classic tale is granted a new dimension of interaction thanks to the WiiTM Remote and the amazing features Nintendo’s console has to offer, adding a refreshing new level of fun!

Familiar gameplay elements from the original award-winning version of the game make a grand return to the stage, complimented by carefully implemented refinements of several of the game’s mechanics. These new features include an updated save system allowing players to bookmark their progress at any time, and an interactive tutorial to allow new audiences to jump right into the action of "Enclave: Shadows of Twilight". Best of all both storylines are unlocked at the outset, providing 27 different and completely new balanced levels for players to experience right from the start!

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About Enclave
The end seemed inescapable… Vatar - the Prince of Darkness had won. But a lonely Mage stands high up on a mountain ridge, defying the Demon. He lifts his staff high in the air then thumps it down on the earth – and unimaginably powerful spells are created, harnessing the infernal powers of nature. The rift caused by the Mage’s powerful spell continues to expand, sucking everything into a seemingly endless abyss. On the one side an Enclave of Light was created, which they called Celenheim. On the other side of the gigantic ravine, dark and evil life forms were fighting to survive in the Outlands.However, the centuries passed and now the ravine has become narrower. Attacks from the shadow world have grown in number and intensity. In these difficult times, vital decisions must be made, and it's all up to the player! Will he lead the distraught populace of Celenheim into battle against the creatures of the darkness and save the Enclave from destruction? Or will he ally himself with the shadow hordes of the Outlands and attack the Enclave? Whatever he decides, the player is guaranteed endless adventures, lots of thrills and loads of action in the fantastic world of “Enclave”!

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