Email for StarCraft 2 beta out? -Nope... all fake

by: John -
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The World of Warcraft champion as decreed at BlizzCon 2008 (not this year's) said he received his email invitation to the StarCraft 2 beta. The thing is he the download isn't active yet so all he has is the nice little note from Blizzard saying welcome to the beta.

The beta was suppose to start during the summer of this year but was pushed back and thus, my bet was lost with Chuck on the release date of StarCraft 2. Oh well, but from the sounds of the email if it is legit, there will be a lot to test out. Supposedly, the beta comes in at 8.3 gigs of downloading so this would be one I would just start right before going to bed.

-Update- Nope, looks like no go as Blizzard has said no email has been sent out.
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