Elderly Wii Users evidently still news

by: Ben Berry -
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According to WHDH TV in Boston this morning, A French retirement home is now offering "Wii night" where friends and family can come visit family members and play Wii games with them. It's marketed as a replacement for bingo or overplayed board games.

Anecdotal evidence shows that there is a lot of value both physically and cognitively to motion based gaming. While it will take years to be fully born out via scientific studies; elderly living facilities across the world have been introducing the Wii as a way to socialize or rehabilitate their residents. Here in the US, a simple "Retirement home wii" web search pulls up countless results.

In fact, my wife's grandparents have a Wii games night at their independant living facility in Wisconsin. Their only complaint is that with only 4 players at a time, it's often a long wait to get to play.

Sort of reminds me of waiting in line to play my favorite games in the arcade back in the day.
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