EVGA goes 4-way with their Classified line

by: John -
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You know when I put together a computer I always think it would be cool to put in 4 graphics cards working in conjunction. Ok, maybe not but there's people out there and EVGA's got you covered.

The motherboard in question is the EVGA X58 Classified 4-Way SLI which will let you expand to up to 4 graphics card. It's an Intel motherboard that's ready for your i7 Core system with 7 PCIe slots and no PCI slots on board. Yeah, you read that right: 0 PCI slots.  6 memory slots give you a maximum of 24GB worth of memory. Talk about a heavy duty motherboard.

For the video card, there's the EVGA GeForce GTX 285 Classified that can be used in conjunction with the motherboard. It's a single GPU card that comes in the Classified black branding.

So, how much for each part? The video card will run you $380 which isn't small change while the motherboard costs $450. Say you load up the motherboard with 4 video cards, you'll be spending almost $2000 alone on these parts. Then you'll need one heavy duty power supply to power all the hungry cards and then the other parts needed to get the computer up and running. Yeah, it's one damn expensive setup but you'll be the envy of a lot of people if you can get it all together.

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