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EVE Online: Rubicon expansion will take EVE beyond the point of no return

by: Randy -
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Arriving November 19, 2013, EVE Online: Rubicon is the 20th free expansion for the sci-fi massively multiplayer online game. Although "game," according to Senior Producer Andie Nordgren, may be a bit of a misnomer. "EVE Online is not just a game," Nordgren states, "it's one of the world's most ambitious living works of science fiction." By including EVE in its permanent collection, the MoMA tends to agree.

Rubicon is the first step in realizing an ambitious rethinking over at developer CCP. This expansion (and the next several expansions) isn't just about revamping hull designs, tossing a few more stars onto the map, or buffing and nerfing skills and abilities. Rubicon is about handing the keys to the city -- to the universe -- over to the players. Details are pretty high level at this point, but judging from Nordgren's official statement, it sounds like areas and structures that were strictly under non-player character control will be up for grabs. Players will own, build, and destroy things that previously couldn't be built, couldn't be destroyed, and couldn't be owned in the first place.

There will be new ships, ship re-balancing, guerilla-style warfare support, a revamp to the skills and certification system, new deployable mobile structures, and the ability to control high-security customs offices. These will be the first steps toward EVE's new vision for its players.

Rubicon launches in less than two months. I'll be there when it happens.