ESRB outs Ghost Recon: Predator

by: Jeremy -
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The ESRB has done it again... yet another title that was under wraps has been outed thanks to the folks at the ratings board. Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Predator has been revealed as coming to Sony’s PlayStation Portable. According to the description listed by the ESRB:

“This is an action game / third-person shooter in which players engage in combat missions as part of an elite military unit. Players use a variety of machine guns, sniper rifles, grenades, and explosives to infiltrate hostile compounds and kill enemies. Gun fights are depicted realistically, with loud gun sound effects, large explosions, and characters that yell in pain when hit. Gunshots result in splashes or small clouds of red blood that disappear quickly.”

Ubisoft has yet to officially reveal the title, but many expect it to launch alongside the upcoming Ghost Recon: Future Soldier which will be released on consoles. Aside from the title and platform, everything else floating around about the game is pure speculation. It shouldn’t be much longer before Ubisoft makes an official announcement.

Source: CVG
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