ESRB Caves

by: Chuck -
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This sucks, according to this article at the ESRB has reversed it's rating on GTA:San Andreas and now the game is going to be rated AO (which means it's going to be pulled from a lot of stores nationwide).

To say that I'm a little disappointed in the ESRB would be an understatement. The content in the game can not be changed without a third party tool or by altering the source code to "unlock" the features in the game. They had the opportunity to tell the clueless politicians in DC that they know how to do their jobs and they passed on it. This will only embolden douchebags like Jack Thompson who just doesn't understand that people over that age of 14 play video games.

I can't say that Rockstar is without fault in the matter as they are the ones who left the content in the game to begin with. You have to wonder why it was left in or even coded to begin with.

It's too early to see if this will have any impact on the mod community but you have to think that there are a lot of clueless idiots out there who will go after Valve for the porn sprays in CounterStrike or the various adult themed mods that people have made to other games that allow users to modify the content of a game.
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