EGM brings first Deadly Descents details

by: Jeremy -
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The community members over at NeoGaf have shed some light on the information EGM will be revealing on EA’s SSX Deadly Descents in the next issue. Some subscribers have already gotten their hands on the next installment of the magazine and have shared EGM’s information over on Gaf’s forums. This information is the first that we have received on the game since it’s debut at last month’s Spike Video Game Awards.

Here are some bullet points from the article in EGM:
  • will feature a rewind feature that allows you to back things up and correct your mistakes during the course of your race
  • 17 different regions included throughout the game, spread across upwards of 70 different mountains / courses)
  • mountain terrain is automatically generated by the game using actual topographical information
  • different mountains have different “dangers” that you must deal with
  • you will purchase and collect gear over the course of your career which will help you improve your abilities in certain terrains and conditions
  • Elise is the only character confirmed to be returning at this point
EA is still keeping quiet on the expected release date for the title. Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long, I want to see what they do with this one...

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