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When you're going to be looking for some nForce 680i boards, ECS will be one of the partners creating some. They were named as one of NVIDIA's authorized board partners and are showcasing some of their products at the NVIDIA LAN party right now. With the new 680i boards coming out, I'm excited to see what ECS can do to continue to extend their enthusiasts line.

ECS Elitegroup Named NVIDIA Authorized Board Partner


-- To mark the joining of the authorized board partner program, ECS Elitegroup sponsors NVIDIA’s nForce 680i SLI/GeForce 8800GT/GTX launch event and GeForce LAN gaming event --


Fremont, CA (November 8, 2006) – Elitegroup Computer Systems, Inc. (ECS®), the world’s leading motherboard,  notebook and desktop PC manufacturer, today announced it has been named NVIDIA’s authorized board partner. To be recognized by NVIDIA and invited to join the program, it means ECS Elitegroup has designed and manufactured a substantial number of NVIDIA based motherboards over the years. To celebrate the launch of the latest nForce 680i SLI chipset based motherboards and GeForce 8800GT/GTX GPU based graphics cards, ECS Elitegroup will be on site on the NVIDIA campus today to showcase the company’s latest NVIDIA based offerings and sponsor the GeForce LAN.


“We are very proud of our accomplishment and delighted to be recognized by NVIDIA. Being a NVIDIA authorized board partner means ECS Elitegroup will have early access to exciting NVIDIA technologies and products,” said Ray Lin, VP of Sales, ECS Elitegroup USA. “With the success we have had with the Extreme series of motherboards, we are in the position where we will need to work even closer with NVIDIA in order to make the best in class motherboards and video cards while maintaining value price points. This partnership elevates the relationship between ECS Elitegroup and NVIDIA,” continued Lin.


To mark the launch of the new chipset and GPUs, NVIDIA is hosting a 48-hour LAN gaming event in San Jose, CA. ECS Elitegroup is an official sponsor of the event, where ECS Elitegroup motherboards will be given away.


For more information about ECS Elitegroup and its latest NVIDIA chipset and GPU based offerings, please visit  For more information about the GeForce LAN and ECS Elitegroup’ sponsorship, go to

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