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ECS is making motherboards for both the AMD and Intel side with gold now. Dubbed 15 μ Gold Contact, these motherboards have three times the amount of gold on the CPU socket pins and memory slots to prevent things such as oxidation. This is to ensure better reliability and stability for the long term.

All contacts on the motherboards have a coating of gold to do this but ECS is putting three times more gold on certain motherboards for better protection.

If, you're like me, who constantly changes out parts this can be a beneficial. You do this a lot and you can wear down the contacts of pins. With ECS putting on 3 times more gold, this reduces the chances of wearing out too fast. The initial products that are using this technique are:

Intel Platform G41T-M2 Gold, P55H-A Ultra
AMD Platform A790GXM-AD3 Gold, A785GM-M Ultra

ECS revealed leading technology called “15 μ Gold Contact” that ensures motherboards longest lifespan, better reliability and excellent contact. This leading Technology is available on both Intel® and AMD platforms.

15 μ Gold Contact Available Product List
Intel Platform G41T-M2 Gold, P55H-A Ultra
AMD Platform A790GXM-AD3 Gold, A785GM-M Ultra

3 Times Extra Gold – 3 Times Extra Protection
Metal Pins on CPU Sockets and Memory Slots are susceptible from environment molecules that can cause instability of the whole system by forming oxidized rust on pins contact. Traditionally, in order to provide protection, 5µ Gold is flashed on these metal pins. Compared to 5µ Gold flash, ECS has discovered 3 times extra Gold “15 μ Gold Contact” which is equivalent to 0.000381 millimeters of Gold plating on its motherboard Socket and Slot Pins to offer 3 times extra protection. Due to this technology, Gold plating on Socket and Slot pins are 3 times thicker and stable that also provide additional confidence to extreme gamer who always plug-in and plug-out their system components.
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